YouTube Now Allows Users to View Thousands of TV Shows for Free in the App

Could this be the last nail in the coffin of traditional TV?

YouTube launched a new set of TV shows this week. Users can watch them for free with ads as YouTube moves into commercial TV.

YouTube explains it all:

YouTube is leading the consumer shift towards CTV viewership. It is the most ad-supported streaming service with the best content and creators. For the first time, US viewers will now be able to stream full seasons of their favorite TV shows online without ads. You can stream close to 4,000 episodes of your favorite TV shows, including Hell’s Kitchen and Andromeda.

YouTube claims that there are over 1,500 movies from Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., and Disney in the app. However, 4,000 episodes are quite a number. This could be the last straw for traditional TV.

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YouTube launched a new set of TV shows this week. Users can watch them for free with ads as YouTube moves into commercial TV.

YouTube has offered movies and TV shows on-demand since the beginning. But now users can tune in to an enormous range of content for free. As long as they are willing to tolerate a few ads during breaks,

Even then, they will likely see fewer ads than on traditional TV. With so many choices, it is easy to imagine this being a very popular product.

YouTube claims that millions of people are watching YouTube content on TV. Nielsen confirmed that more than 135 million people viewed YouTube content on TV in December 2021.

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YouTube’s fastest-growing category of usage is connected TV viewing. For many younger users who have always had YouTube as a viewing option, it has now become their default choice. Traditional TV channels and stars are barely registered in their consciousness.

This has also changed video consumption habits. Viewers are used to jumping ahead and skipping to the next thing, which has had an impact on presentation styles and production methods, as well as their attention spans.

YouTube continues to be the most popular viewing platform, as each of these new trends becomes more mainstream. This shift is reflected in the ability to watch TV series as you choose. It will continue to be popular.

This will also increase YouTube’s advertising inventory. It will provide new opportunities for brands with TV-like campaigns to reach users in the app at a lower price and with more targeting options.

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